Judicial Architecture for Justice in Ukraine

In this blog post, Kateryna Latysh shows that universal jurisdiction is increasingly central to the judicial structure regarding war and other crimes committed in Ukraine. She provides recommendations for strengthening universal jurisdiction mechanisms for Nordic and Baltic decision-makers.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Rebuild Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, artificial intelligence has become a crucial tool in improving the country’s rebuilding. In this blog post, Iryna Fyshchuk explores the potential applications of AI tools across various sectors in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

‘Non-traditional’ Immigrants in the Political Economy of Ukraine: Ukrainian Afghans

Entrepreneurship and commerce, including small-scale commodity trade, are key economic forces. Ukrainian Afghans possess skills that have helped them and Ukraine to adapt to changing political economies; they can continue to play an important role in the future. Magnus Marsden and Vera Skvirskaja look at the present-day situation of Ukrainian Afghans.

Different approaches – similar challenges: migration and integration policies towards Ukrainian refugees in Australia and the Nordic-Baltic region

Whilst Australia and the Nordic-Baltic countries have adopted varied approaches to Ukrainians fleeing from the Russian aggression, they face identical challenges and integration dilemmas. All the while, Ukrainian refugees confront an uncertain future. This blog posts summarises the regions’ migration and integration policies at a time when important decisions need to be made.

Lessons from the Information War in Ukraine

Though Russia’s full-scale invasion now enters its 3rd year, Ukraine could quickly claim victory on the “Western Front” – the North American and European information domain. Eric Adamson shows that key was placing Ukrainian perspectives and the country’s European future at the center of the narrative. Engaging civil society in the information space led to real-world consequences on the battle field.

Why Ukrainian refugees in Norway face an uncertain future

Many Ukrainian citizens have sought protection in Norway since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Presenting findings from a new survey, Aadne Aasland writes that while most Ukrainian refugees report having a positive experience in Norway, the Norwegian authorities are increasingly pursuing a tougher approach.

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